Woman as Reflector

loveLove is the fuel of a female, when you don’t give a car fuel, it can’t start. The same thing happens for humans.

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How are you using your LIFE?


HOW AM I USING MY LIFE? This is the greatest question that every individual must ask in order to live a life of purpose. It is obvious that everyone who ever lived or living must give account of his life. Even though humanity has turned away from God, He still creates us with gifts and talents that are intended to be used to fulfill His purposes. Yet since we don’t understand how they are to be used, we take the talents He has given us and use them against ourselves and others.

Some of the wickedest people in the world are wise when it comes to information. They are sharp people; they can be wicked with class. Some people are gifted, but they use their gifts in such a wicked way that their victims don’t know what hit them until it’s all over. Our gifts, which God means for good, can be turned and used for evil purposes.
Some people blame the devil for the results of their actions.

Don’t blame the devil he just takes advantage of your decisions. The devil cannot dominate you or force you to do anything. Instead, he waits for your decisions. When you make a bad one, he will ride it to the end, or just as far as he can and he will try to bring you down with it. Satan is not the culprit. The culprit is your rejection or ignorance of God’s purpose you don’t know God’s purpose for living, and so you abuse your life. Be careful, that abuse can cripple or kill

We must discover God’s purpose for our lives and use our gifts for his glory.